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Dr. Maria Trent Corey

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"Highly recommend! Dr. Corey is compassionate and provides excellent care to her patients. She is a provider who truly cares about the quality of her care, and that's hard to find!"
- A. Bell


"Dr. Trent ... her whole demeanor beams of the brightest light which led me to where I am today. She diagnosed me correctly, listened to my every word, and instilled the importance of self care! I am now back to working full time doing what I am passionate about mostly due to her faith in me and my will to be healthy for my kids and my family. I love Dr. Trent not only for her medical expertise, but her confidence is contagious. If you need a boost, she is definitely your woman!"

- A. Tuttle


"Dr. Trent saved my life."

- R. Aikens


"Dr. Trent is fantastic! She goes above and beyond. I always feel like she truly listens to what I'm saying, gives me helpful feedback, and has new ideas when necessary. She has changed and tweaked my medications to the point where things are going much better than before I switched to seeing her. Dr. Trent looks at the whole picture, not just a list of medications. She is kind and caring and it's clear she cares about her patients and loves what she does!"

- R. Weibert


"Dr. Trent works miracles. I don't know where I'd be without her."

- A. Brooks


"Dr. Trent has been a blessing to our family. She helped diagnose our son and put him on the right regimen. Now, he's doing so much better in school and at home. He's such a happy kid now."

- D. Richardson


"Dr. Trent is a gem. She listens. She cares. She explains things in a way I can understand."  

- M. Stevenson


"Dr. Trent is an amazing Psychiatrist. She truly cares. She is personable and builds a rapport with her client. She really wants the whole-person to be healthy and for her client to make good, positive decisions. She respects her client and listens carefully. She asks good questions to get to the core of the issue(s). I am so glad we found her."

-K. Schrecker


"Dr. Trent, is a #1 Psychiatrist. My son and I have seen her for the past 5 years and will never ever change. She is really down to earth and really knows how to treat her clients and their symptoms. She has a very comfortable, trusting demeanor about her and you will love being in her presence."

-D. Early


Dr. Trent has been my main psychiatrist for a little over a year now coming up on I believe 2 years and I’ve never had a doctor so good. she makes personal connections with me and lets me vent and cry while not seeming too pushy or demanding with her questions or opinions. every appointment is comfortable and seeing her every few weeks REALLY helps get me head back on straight. I highly recommend for anyone struggling with depression her sessions HELP and for that I’m very thankful.
-T. Jones

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